Over 2,900 organizations and individuals in Canada support our work as members of CATIE.

Membership is free, perpetual (there is no need to renew each year) and open to any Canadian organization or individual supporting our vision and mission.

Why become a member? You can:

  • Nominate members, or stand for election, to the CATIE Board of Directors;
  • Attend the Annual Meeting;
  • Vote in the election of our Board of Directors and on motions at the Annual Meeting
  • (must be a member at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting to be eligible to vote);
  • Apply for scholarships to attend CATIE meetings and conferences, whenever available;
  • Receive regular updates from our Executive Director on our work, events, new resources and initiatives

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CATIE offers both organizational and individual memberships with all rights and benefits in Canada. Organizations are allowed one voting member per organization.

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