Prevention in Focus

Spring 2021 

Safe supply: What is it and what is happening in Canada?

A look at what safe supply means, its developments within the Canadian context and examples of safe supply programs in Canada.

By Magnus Nowell

From principle to practice: What does the literature tell us about the engagement of people who use drugs in harm reduction programming?

A look at the roles that people who use drugs take on in harm reduction programming, the advantages of their engagement, and barriers and facilitators to their engagement.

By Amanda Giacomazzo

Dried blood spot collection for hepatitis C and HIV testing in Canada

What are the advantages of dried blood spot testing and how is it being used in Canada?

By Mallory Harrigan

From the front lines: Integrating dried blood spot testing into community programs across Canada

We speak to service providers from New Brunswick, Alberta and Ontario about how dried blood spot testing is being used in their programs and lessons learned.

What is the impact of opioid agonist therapy on hepatitis C testing and treatment for people who inject drugs?

This article summarizes a recent systematic review on the impact of opioid agonist therapy on hepatitis C testing and treatment for people who inject drugs.

By Erica Lee

Resources on HIV self-testing

A resource list that includes information on what HIV self-testing is, how it works and how service providers can address it in their programs and services.

By Erica Lee


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