Prevention in Focus

Fall 2019 

The Programming Connection: Harm reduction programs and resources

The Programming Connection is an online toolkit that highlights models of frontline programs that provide HIV and hepatitis C prevention, care, treatment and support services. It also features a selection of resources to help in program planning, delivery and evaluation. This toolkit aims to inspire community-based service providers to develop new practices appropriate to their circumstances and facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking.

Below is a selection of Programming Connection case studies and resources you might find useful. Visit the Programming Connection to view the full collection.

Harm Reduction Dispensing Units

Harm reduction dispensing units (HRDUs) distribute safer drug use supplies (e.g., sterile needles, pipes). The HRDUs augment frontline services by providing access to drug use equipment after hours. The objectives of the HRDUs are to increase access to harm reduction materials and to reduce the sharing and reuse of supplies among people who use drugs, which can lead to a decrease in HIV and hepatitis C infections.

keepSIX Supervised Consumption Service

keepSIX is a supervised consumption service at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre where people can use drugs in a hygienic environment under the supervision of trained staff. This program helps people be more safe when using drugs and reduces the risk of overdose and transmission of hepatitis C and HIV. keepSIX also offers education, counselling, health promotion and referral services.

Bringing STBBI testing to people who use drugs

A program at Nine Circles Community Health Centre integrates a registered nurse into a harm reduction supply distribution room to provide low-barrier access to STBBI testing and referrals to primary care for people who use drugs.

Supervised Inhalation Site at ARCHES

The supervised inhalation site at ARCHES provides safer smoking facilities as part of a larger supervised consumption site (SCS) that offers all consumption options (i.e., injection, snorting and ingestion) to people who use drugs. In the first four months of operation, 654 clients accessed the SCS. ARCHES received an exemption from Health Canada to deliver safer inhalation services.