Prevention in Focus

Spring 2013 

What to ask when researchers come knocking

Wondering about the researcher who recently called you about a research partnership? How will you decide if a partnership is worthwhile? Here are eight questions to ask when researchers come knocking.

By Carol Strike and Adrian Guta

Views from the front lines: Research partnerships

3 perspectives on community-based research partnerships.

Interviews by Debbie Koenig

The HIV treatment cascade – patching the leaks to improve HIV prevention

How well we are we engaging people living with HIV in the continuum of services? We look at the HIV treatment cascade and why it's important for HIV prevention.

By James Wilton and Logan Broeckaert

Beyond vulnerability: Breaking the link between violence and HIV risk for young people

We look at the ways in which violence and stigma are linked to HIV risk in the lives of youth, and how policies and programs that address this violence constitute key prevention strategies.

By Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc and Bonnie Bea Miller


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