The Positive Side

Spring 2008 

Editors’ Letter


WELCOME TO THE SPRING ISSUE of The Positive Side. In it, we present stories on issues surrounding two distinct groups within the HIV community: those who are HIV positive and transgendered, and those who are co-infected with the hepatitis C virus.

In Double Duty, author Colleen Price explains why living with two viruses requires twice as much determination. A survivor of trauma, addiction, hepatitis C and HIV, Price found the strength and the support to undergo 48 weeks of therapy and turn her life around. Now a tireless advocate for the rights of the co-infected, Price shares her story and introduces one other co-infected individual. She also discusses treatment and other issues.

In Trans Canada, Nora Underwood tackles HIV infection in the transgendered community. Although these men and women often face relentless challenges that make them vulnerable to HIV infection, a growing number of specialized programs are working to better meet their needs.

As always, you’ll find lots of other inspirational stories. A profile of Sandy Lambert, the PHA who graces our cover, is one of those stories. Despite the odds, Lambert turned a personal health-care struggle into a victory that can potentially benefit every PHA living in British Columbia. Read about his journey to AIDS activism.

Need inspiration in an everyday kind of way? You’ll find it in Chatty CATIE, where four PHAs share their secrets for finding the joy in every day. And speaking of every day, if your diet leaves something to be desired, check out Conquer the Kitchen. David McLay explains how to take your diet from downtrodden to triumphant (and you along with it!).

For those who are looking to get away from it all, escape with some fiction from author and PHA Laurette Lévy. You’ll find a translated excerpt from her novel, Debout en clair-obscur (Standing in the half light).

If you or someone you know is struggling with facial wasting, you can learn more about the pros and cons of reconstruction for lipoatrophy in Ask the Experts. Then, Derek Thaczuk shares an inside view of what having the procedure is all about.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Happy spring!