The Positive Side

Summer 2013 

Visual AIDS: A Woman’s Voice

This picture was taken in Toronto as part of a research project I participated in. The project, called Visioning Health for Positive Aboriginal Women, brought together three groups of HIV-positive Aboriginal women from across the country to explore what health means to us. Our group took pictures and then discussed them. Many of us talked about how health is about more than just surviving, it’s about thriving.

I took this picture of this girl and it looks like she’s speaking. She looks proud and I think it’s important for a woman to have a voice. I have a voice and I like voicing it. I’m proud of who I am. I think she’s a beautiful woman—and so am I. She looks strong, she looks proud. I like to feel proud of who I am. HIV does not define me, but it’s part of who I am, and that’s OK. ✚

—Kerrigan B.

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