The Positive Side

Summer 2015 

Editor’s Letter

By Darien Taylor


This summer issue of The Positive Side takes a dive into the depths of living with HIV. If you want to dip your toes in first, or if you’re the type who prefers lounging dockside, by all means start with nutritionist Doug Cook’s suggestions for healthy, hydrating summer drinks. If you want to jump right in, check out “The Engagement Cascade,” which explains how a group of people with HIV reimagined the treatment cascade to better reflect their experiences.

Visual AIDS contributor André Quenneville names another strong thematic current. Capturing a celebratory moment on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, he reminds us to look beyond the obvious and attend closely to the myriad experiences of living with and triumphing over HIV.

It is important to look beyond the surface. Our cover story reveals what lies beneath Gloria Tremblay’s exuberant smile: heartbreak and betrayal, coupled with an overriding personal drive to set things right—not just for herself but for others living with HIV, too. In “Adherence All-Stars,” we meet a group of Albertans with HIV who describe their lifestyles as “chaotic” but who have mastered the art of adherence so well that they’re taking their message on the road.

Also in this issue: Ask the Experts breaks down a complex topic that’s been the subject of much discussion: the role of inflammation in HIV disease. Chatty CATIE intro­duces four young people living with HIV. Guess what? They’re doing just fine, thank you. In “In Search of the Invisible Man” CATIE staffer Sophie Wertheimer goes in search of a rare epidemiological phenomenon: the straight man living with HIV. And in Art Posi+ive, we get reacquainted with Jessica Whitbread, a young queer artist whose main creation is community. Try hanging that on your wall!

Whether you’re at the lake, reading The Positive Side curled up in a hammock, or sitting on a patio in the city, take time this summer to raise a tall beverage, hopefully bursting with antioxidants—to your health!