The Positive Side

Winter 2008 

Editor’s Letter

By David McLay

Positively Pampered

Darien Taylor treats you to a winter spa getaway in your own home. Plus, baths to help you sleep, breathe and soothe your skin

From the Front Lines: Socialize v. [so·cial·ize] 1. to interact with others…

What’s happening across Canada: the social scene

Chatty CATIE: One pill, two pill. Red pill, blue pill. How did you choose your meds?

5 PHAs reveal how they chose their regimens

Profile: A Voice for All

Albert Martin and

Nothing to Sneeze at

Take a shot at the flu this winter

Sex, Drugs and Viral Load

Does undetectable = uninfectious? CATIE weighs in on the latest controversy over the biology of HIV transmission

Reflections on a Global Epidemic

Craig McClure on AIDS2008 and beyond

By Ann Silversides

Ask the Experts: Dark Days

What to do when the blues are bringing you down

Road to Hope

David Nelson rides out depression

By Jennifer O’Connor

Art Posi+ive: Migrations

“Migrations” by Don Short

As told to RonniLyn Pustil