The Positive Side

Winter 2008 

Editor’s Letter

By David McLay


WINTER IS A DARK TIME, and in this issue of The Positive Side we hope to brighten your long nights by highlighting just a few of the things that bring winter brilliantly to life.

Winter is…

…a time of rejuvenation. And what better way to rejuvenate than a do-it-yourself spa. In our cover feature, Darien Taylor shows you how to pamper yourself on those dreary winter days.

…a passionate time. While the mercury dips outside, the temperature soars in the bedroom (and backroom). To help keep things safe, CATIE analyzes the ongoing debate around viral load and infectivity.

…a time to stay inside. Bad weather may leave people with HIV stuck at home, but they can still stay connected. In creating, Albert Martin has ensured that HIV-positive francophones stay in touch with each other and the world.

…a dark time. Winter can bring on a case of the blues. Our Ask the Experts column explores depression — how to recognize it and how to cope. As well, David Nelson shares a hopeful story of his journey with HIV and depression.

…a migratory time. Birds flying south are on a journey to a warmer place. In Art Posi+ive, Don Short uses brushstrokes along his journey in accepting his diagnosis with HIV.

…cold and flu season. It is said that prevention is the best medicine, and so we provide the latest advice on how to ward off the bug.

…a gathering time. When it’s cold outside, many find warmth in the company of friends and family. In From the Front Lines we showcase social programs from across the country.

…a time to share stories. In Chatty CATIE, five people with HIV talk about one of the most important treatment decisions they faced — how they chose their anti-HIV meds.

…a time of reflection. In an interview held after AIDS2008, Canadian Craig McClure, executive director of the International AIDS Society, shares his thoughts on the state of the global epidemic.

We’d love to hear what you think about anything you read in The Positive Side. Send your stars and cherry bombs.


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