The Positive Side

Winter 2010 

Editor’s Letter

By David McLay

Path to Healing: Full Circle on the Prairies

Cover girl Krista Shore and 2 other Aboriginal PHAs talk about their journeys with HIV. Plus, resources for APHAs in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

For the Heart, the Hand and the Hungry

What’s happening across Canada: Support from coast to coast

Chatty CATIE

Interviews by RonniLyn Pustil

Tribute: Builder of a Better, Fairer World

James Kreppner, one of Canada’s first AIDS activists (1962–2009)

Web of Positivity

Resources from the personal to the political

By Heather Ann Kaldeway

The Best Decision I Ever Made

Juno award winner Billy Newton-Davis opens up to Gerald Hannon about coming out as an HIV-positive musician in the spotlight

A Mind of Her Own

Long-term survivor Maggie Atkinson copes with some cognitive issues and shares what she’s learned about protecting her brain

Ask the Experts: The Skinny on Skin

The skinny on skin—soothing your blotches
and rashes

Interviews by Jennifer McPhee

Art Posi+ive: Lights, Camera, Action!

9 Montreal youth with HIV pick up video cameras for Positive Take — and fight stigma and discrimination with their films

By Albert Martin