The Positive Side

Winter 2014 

Editor's Letter

From the Front Lines: A Snapshot of the Epidemic

A cross-country snapshot of the epidemic

Chatty CATIE: A Vitamin a Day

What supplements do you swear by?

Profile: A Heart at Home

Doris Peltier’s spiritual awakening

50 Sense

Screening tests for the 50 and over set


8 foods that pack a whopping amount of nutritional bang for the buck

Start Me Up!

3 social entrepreneurs on the birth of their startups

Healing Touch

The many benefits of physical intimacy

How to Thwart a Thyroid Problem

Find out how you can spot and treat an often overlooked problem

Ask the Experts: Anxiety

Valuable advice on how to uproot anxiety

Art Posi+ive: The Music Man

Meet virtuoso cellist Robert Bardston

Visual AIDS: Birds of a Feather

Photo op