Managing your health: a guide for people living with HIV



CATIE honours the contributions of past Managing Your Health authors and editors: Brent Patterson, Francis Robichaud (Toronto PWA Foundation), Mark Whitehead (Toronto PWA Foundation), Sean Hosein and Craig McClure, as well as past advisory and editorial committee members, translators, copy editors, reviewers, production coordinators, designers, illustrators and the countless others who gave their valuable time and energy to this publication.  Their commitment to improving the lives of people living with HIV provides a firm foundation for this current edition.

Chapter Authors

Chapter 1 – Annika Ollner and David McLay
Chapter 2 – Derek Thaczuk
Chapter 3 – Evan Collins, MD
Chapter 4 – Alex McClelland
Chapter 5 – Devan Nambiar
Chapter 6 – Evan Collins, MD
Chapter 7 – John Maxwell
Chapter 8 – David Hoe
Chapter 9 – Paul MacPherson, MD
Chapter 10 – Derek Thaczuk
Chapter 11 – Derek Thaczuk
Chapter 12 – Evan Collins, MD
Chapter 13 – Deborah Randall-Wood
Chapter 14 – Deb Cameron, Eileen McKee, Kelly O'Brien, Deborah Randall-Wood, Greg Robinson, Janet Wu, Elisse Zack of the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation
Chapter 15 – Shari Margolese
Chapter 16 – Shari Margolese
Chapter 17 – Alan Li, MD
Chapter 18 – Kath Webster
Chapter 19 – Louise Binder
Chapter 20 – Nitto Marquez
Chapter 21 – Paul Higgins
Chapter 22 – Ruthann Tucker

Editorial Outline Review Committee

Gillian Bone
Paula Chabanais
David Fletcher, MD
Dominic Levesque
Laurette Lévy
Alan Li, MD
Mona Loutfy, MD
Shari Margolese
Deborah Randall-Wood
Gregory Robinson, MD
Derek Thaczuk
Kath Webster
Gordon Waselnuk

National Advisory Committee and Expert Review

Alberta Community Council on HIV (ACCH)
Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)
British Columbia Persons with AIDS Society (BCPWA)
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN)
Canadian Association of HIV Clinical Laboratory Specialists (CAHCLS)
Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC)
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre (CHIC)
Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR)
Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le sida (COCQ-Sida)
Fife House
Paul MacPherson, MD
Ontario AIDS Network (OAN)
Pacific AIDS Network (PAN)
Positive Women’s Network
Teresa Group
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation

Editorial Review

Stephen Alexander
Jean Bacon
Kevin Barlow
Lucy Barney
Michael Battista
Glenn Betteridge
Laura Bisaillon
Julie Foreman
Dale Guenter, MD
Shariq Haider, MD
Keith Hambly
Rick Kennedy
Dale Kuehl
Paul Landers
Brynn Laurillard
Paul MacPherson, MD
Jane McCall
Doris Peltier
Deborah Randall-Wood
Stan Read, MD
Sean Rourke
Lindy Samson, MD
Paul Saunders
Trevor Stratton
Jim Truax
Karen Vance-Wallace
Sharon Walmsley, MD
Annette Wilkins
Jessica Yee

Focus Group participants

National Funder

Production of Managing your health has been made possible through financial contributions from the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Darien Taylor
Derek Thaczuk
Zak Knowles
Kristin Jenkins

Margaret Bream – Copy editor
Maureen Davis – Index
Anna Kohn – Proofreader
Heather Ann Kaldeway – Web design
Manuel Rodenkirchen and Sheena Gibson (Rodenkirchen Communication) – book design and layout
Guylaine Duval (St. Joseph Print Group)
Laurie Edmiston
Sean Hosein
Ed Jackson
David McLay
Jeff Reinhart
Tim Rogers