Strengthening Programming

Programming Connection

CATIE’s toolkit of case studies highlighting Canadian frontline program models, materials and planning resources

Service Provider Essentials

These resources offer a comprehensive introduction to HIV and hepatitis C for people working in the field and are a gateway to further information on a range of topics

  • Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide – Comprehensive information on hepatitis C: prevention and harm reduction, testing, healthy living and treatment
  • Fact sheets – HIV prevention, HIV and hepatitis C epidemiology, HIV and hepatitis C drugs, HIV-related infections and cancers, sexually transmitted infections

Programming guides and tools

Developing, delivering and evaluating programs


Who has HIV and/or hepatitis C and who is at risk for these infections in Canada

Government and community strategies

Government and community strategies to address HIV, hepatitis C and related issues – Search for HIV and hepatitis C information resources and tools shared by other Canadian service providers